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Alaven and the To race Is that right away in classification and in terms of recent dynamics. The albiazul set has fallen through in the League this weeks and his good paper in Copa, where they lost to Sevilla with another good game at home. While the cantabrian painting add on two wins j a tie in his last three league games (Follow the match live on AS.com). Image local He wants to return to the path of victories to add a streak that will give him confidence again. “We have to go back to one summative teamlike in the first seventeen days of the competition,” he continued Luis Garcia Plaza in the previous The trainer of the Glorious go to the match baja sure of abqar, due to suspension, the doubts of De la Fuente, with discomfort in an ankle and the recovery of Alkain, who was ill before the cup match against Sevilla. the couple central will be the one formed by the Serbian compatriots No j Banknotes. Neither does Taichi Hara, who completes his assignment at this winter market. It is possible that Anthony Whiteon loan from Real Madrid after a time in Cádiz, returns to have minutes after the good feelings shown in the Copa del Rey match. In point will play Sulla.

that of Luis Garcia they strive to keep going strong at home despite losing five of their last six league games. Of course they provide one good picture in the last duels, though the results have been marred by the babazorros’ lack of aim. The poor streak in front of goal has kept them from getting more than they deserved and ending other games more calmly.

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The camp will present one grand entranceseasoned with the presence of thousand raceustas After all, it is a day of normality and coexistence among the followers who do not want to get into trouble. I will do coldagain, but no hay- risk of snow like last Tuesday in Mendizorroza. The municipal stadium showed up Wednesday right away white cloak but then it started to rain and even the sky cleared and all the snow disappeared.

The To race the day begins be bound to with the ponferradinewhich occupies a relegation position, but nevertheless the sensations surrounding the team much best what that data might suggest. The Santander team is an optimistic group at the moment, convinced that the new personality the one his new coach has given him, more aggressive, flashier, riskier and, at least so far, more profitable, It works. Seven of the last nine points Against very difficult rivals, with six goals for and only one against, they speak very clearly that José Alberto’s project has started on the right foot. Press a lot higherthe sides are deeper and tries start matching… but don’t fool anyone, a kick recipe when things get complicated in the back and possession hasn’t increased significantly either: no is a team from tiquitaca and alone want to the balloon for attack as soon as possible. More dizziness, running back and forth, yes.

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Without injuries or penalties added to the one that the Asturian coach had to overcome the previous day, the To racewho led the first half frame against him Sportygoing to to repeat the the same starting eleven that started against the Gijones. The only novelty in the call is the he came back to the list of small. The diminutive Catalan striker, who has been a regular substitute for most of the season, has no chance of starting, at the moment looks like are behind not only from the starting striker, Matheus, but also from recovered Cedric, the team’s top scorer last season and last Saturday his first minutes after five months of injury. The Santander teamthat as a visitor achieves better results than at El Sardinero, will since one thousand of their own they will cheer steps.

The Cantabrian club haha Exhausted read 916 locations that Alavés sent him to the area reserved for visiting fans in one of the funds and he knows that near hundred from followers Cantabrians have taken on your own cards for the other stands. His racing style and the good streak of José Alberto’s men encourages them to challenge the expected cold for the night in Vitoria.

The keys to the party

To trust: The good results of the first three games with José Alberto on the bench have ensured that Racing at Mendizorroza is confident in their new game plan.

to dive: Alavés wants to continue to improve the sensations after a mediocre match against Oviedo. He is collapsing in the league and at least the cup has helped him to keep smiling.

Pinch rows: The Vitoria team continues to go hand in hand with García Plaza. The latest references in Mendizorroza are good with a big effort against Burgos and showing his face in the cup against all of Sevilla.

Back: A thousand raceustas will brave the cold of the Álava night to support their own. If anything fails in Racing, it’s not his fans.

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Rioja: He remains one of the most sincere and dangerous players in the babazorro team. He will try to overwhelm the band and assist Sylla.

Matthew: The São Paulo striker met the goal again last week and signed his best game of the course. It will be the offensive reference in Vitoria.

Ups and downs

Abqar is low and De la Fuente is questionable. Alkain returns. Abqar has been sanctioned. Warning: Duarte, Tenaglia and Benavidez.

They are Baja Bobadilla, who recently underwent shoulder surgery, Sekou Gassama and Juergen Elitim, both with muscle problems. In return, José Alberto has been able to recover Peque. In any case, the small Catalan striker will start on the bench.


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