Air raid siren at the World Cup premiere in Brazil


If Brazil, leader of the FIFA rankings, does not win this World Cup, it will go 24 years without doing so, equivalent to the longest period since it won the first of its five titles, in 1958. So there is no more demanding selection at the start of Qatar 2022. And it won’t have an easy start. do you expect Serbia, twenty-first in the FIFA ranking, best position in thirteen years, explainable growth because The generation that won the junior world title in 2015 is coming of age, exactly against Brazil, in New Zealand. Five players from that team have arrived in Qatar, three of them are from LaLiga (Rajkovic, from Mallorca; Babic, from Almería, and Maksimovic, from Getafe). From Brazil, only Gabriel Jesus (follow the match live on

Serbia is a bot and their latest records show it. Qualification was won by leading Portugal’s group without losing a game, have risen to the top flight of the Nations League in a difficult group (with Norway, Slovenia and Sweden), having won four of their last five official matches and last Friday they crushed Bahrain (5-1). It is directed by Dragan Stojkovic, one of those ghosts that appear to the Spanish team. Two of his goals threw Italy’s La Roja 90. He has had a reverse trajectory in football. After his retirement, he served as chairman of the Serbian Federation for three years and of the Red Star for two years. Then he left the offices and started training. First to Nagoya Grampus Eight, where he ended his career, then to the Chinese Guangzhou and in 2021 he took charge of the Serbian team. They have lost only one official game and played two friendlies out of 20. He placed his team at the World Cup and among the greats of the Nations League in a year and a half.

Mitrovic and Vlahovic

The Serbian fortress is in a very offensive game (3-4-3) and under high pressure, in strategy (He has the highest average height in the tournament, 1.87) and in a devastating attack with Tadic, Aleksandr Mitrovic (six goals in his last four games) and Vlahovic. The last two come from injuries. Mitrovic missed the last two games with Fulham and did not play against Bahrain, but he is sure he will be there today. Also Vlahovic, who missed the five most recent matches with Juventus, but already played 45 minutes in the friendly match on Friday.

Serbian coach Dragan Stojkovic talks with Aleksandr Mitrovic during a Serbian training session.


Serbian coach Dragan Stojkovic talks with Aleksandr Mitrovic during a Serbian training session.ANDREJ ISAKOVICAFP

In front of the mirror, that cheerful football gets the ‘beautiful game’ that Tite proposes. Brazil has been a steamroller for the past two years. They have only lost one match (the Copa América final against Argentina in 2021) of the last 29 and racked up seven straight victories. The latter, against Ghana and Tunisia, with two overly offensive positions. Even the country seems like that, and that is.

The technician manages two plans. The Conservative, along with Fred and Casemiro, condemn Vinicius. ANDThe audacity, which seems most likely, only with Casemiro as the pivot and Paquetá as the interior player, allows Raphinha, Neymar, Vinicius and Richardlison to coexist. The nine forwards called up by Tite account for 121 goals with the national team. Nobody brings that much ammunition to Qatar.

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