Asensio and Ceballos, in the air

If something is characteristic of the template from Carlo Ancelotti is that it is especially short for the six titles in contention. It also says four men who They don’t count. They are Eden Hazard, Jesús Vallejo, Odriozola and Mariano. With that panorama Ceballos (26 years old) and Asensio (27) they have become the few guarantees Ancellotti has when looking at the bank seeking putting a twist on the encounters brought uphill. Especially if there are injured players, as happened in recent matches against Barcelona in the Super Cup or Villarreal in the Cup.

Asensio j Ceballos are, she also players of the template that they have the most uncertain future. The two terminate their contract on June 30. The two can now negotiate with the team they want. Both were on the market last summer and of course the two are up in the air and deciding whether to continue or not in the white club it should still be taken by both parties.

Marco Asensio.

Read Asensio’s words As soon as the cup match in La Cerámica ended, they made us think that their situation at Real Madrid had changed. “It’s being talked about, we’ll see where it goes,” said the Spaniard reveal some hypothetical conversations For you renewal. “I am focused on mine and the next game. I hope everything works out. I want to renew and be in Madrid for a long time more, but it is not something that depends only on me. For me, sports and being happy are the most important things,” concludes Asensio. But according to information from AS, after a first approximation what has already happened Talks have not resumed for several months, and today neither Asensio nor any of the other seven players who will end their contracts in June (Benzema, Modric, Mariano, Ceballos, Nacho and Kroos, in addition to the Balearic Islands) have an extension offer on the table. Madrid only wants to take a step at the end of the season.

Marco Asensio tries to control a ball


Marco Asensio tries to control a ballJOS JORDANGetty

The movement created by Asensio a few months ago he gave a lot of clues about the player’s intentions I had to go outside from Real Madrid. The change of representative, Horacio Gaggioli George Mendes, implied one try to scan the market for offers that And last but not least they did not arrive. When Asensio switched agents, In addition, the situation in the team was very different. The signing of Mbappe of taken for granted and this definitively closed the possibility of being a starter. When the French star refused to come to the Bernabéu, the Spaniard’s mentality changed. Hence his latest statements in which he ensures that his The first option is to stay. But for that to happen, there must be an offer from Madrid. And when it finally arrives, like the first one he received, it will be clearly down.

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The Madrid I hoped it would go away in the summer and get some money for the Mallorcan. Therefore, the player started the clearly marked course. While the market was open, he did not play not a single minute, and after the first 16 games, he had only started twice. Little by little, however, circumstances led to it Ancelotti be forced grab him

Dani Ceballos celebrates his goal against Villarreal in the cup.


Dani Ceballos celebrates his goal against Villarreal in the cup. Helios of the BlondeGetty

Daniel Ceballos.

the uterine it is take little by little a lot of weight in the game of Madrid. Take advantage of every step back that Modric (37) takes. But His contractual situation is similar to that of Asensio. contract ends next month of June and the talks for its extension have not yet taken place. without minutes, the last summer was willing to leave Real Madrid for fulfill a dream, that of Return to wear the Betis shirt. But the economic uncertainty of the Betic entity made it impossible. There were options, especially when it looked like Carvalho could be sold. But that exit did not take place and neither did the movement to leave Madrid de Ceballos.

Loose Utrerano agents got the call from Madrid to summon them to speak only after the World Cup, but then, the white clover has not made a move. Ceballos knows he The next contract he signs will be in the prime of his career, when he has to give his best due to his age. Y want to play j to be important. Not only the economy weighs for him, but also, and a lot, the sport. And on the other hand, he would rather stay in Spain than embark on another foreign adventure.

player photo

Ceballos’ numbers for 90 minutes have little to envy the rest of midfielders. complete 63.7 successful passes, compared to 66.5 for Modric, 64.2 for Tchouameni, 51.1 for Camavinga or 46.7 for the hybrid Valverde. Kroos plays in a different league with his 90.4. On successful drives ending in the last third of the field, where the storm is raging, he averages 21.2; very close to Modric’s 23.9 and Kroos’ 25.7 and much better than the rest. In dribbles completed (1.2), recoveries (7.8) and chances created (2.9), he is the best midfielder on the team, extrapolating every 90 minutes. But above all the conscientious work of the excellent player from Utrera It can already be seen in the weight he has in the team.

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