Asensio, on demand to play as ‘9’: ‘The coach was right’

Marco Asensio was the Spanish player responsible for performing in the Qatar University Press Room. The Real Madrid player says he feels ‘really good’. Be prepared for this great challenge and training hard for when I get the chance to contribute everything to the national team. The goal is to go far in this World Cup and to focus on that”.

As found in Luis Enrique’s system. “I feel very good. Yesterday was a great game overall for the whole team, I am personally happy for the goal and for contributing to the national team. Luis Enrique gives me confidence and that makes me feel good” .

play 9. “From the first day, Luis Enrique told me that I could play in multiple positions. Out of 9, everyone has to respect their space. We play in a way that we have to be very coordinated defensively and offensively, with the interiors and wingers. In June I I took the opportunity, I gave everything and that makes me feel good about the court. The coach is right that playing as a striker means dying in matches. He asks us to put pressure, run and be attentive to be when we jump to our brand”.

The key to this Spain. “What characterizes us the most is that we all go together, and the truth is that we play football very well. The key is that our coach conveys things to us very well. Luis Enrique knows how to convey the message to the players very well It convinces us, we like what it tells us and that makes us always want more and fight to the max.”

First Mallorcan to score at a World Cup. “It is a source of pride, a huge joy for all the players who have come through Spain. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of playing for the national team, which is a pleasure to represent.”

favoritism. “Yesterday’s game confirms that we have to keep playing like this. A result like this gives us a lot of confidence for everything to come. We’re not going to trust ourselves because the coach won’t let us.”

Your image of Germany. “It’s a strong team, with great players. We know we have a difficult game because it’s a team that plays very good football. It will get us into trouble, it’s very demanding. We’ll try to get three more points It’s hard to pick a German player, he has a lot of good players. Anyone can cause us problems.”

Avoid the risk in the third game. “We want to win the game against Germany, to the round of 16. Japan is orderly and disciplined, we saw that in the Olympics. It is a team that is difficult to beat. I know Kubo, who is very dangerous, with a lot of talent and quality. We hope to be above them.”

gavi. “Sometimes it is surprising that at 18 he does what he does. I see him training, he has a high level and confidence. Those of us who work day in and day out know what Gavi is capable of, hopefully he will give us a lot of things in this World Cup.”

Louis Enrique. “Both as a group and individually, there is a lot of attention for the movements we make. It’s a bit like looking for perfection, he’s very demanding in positioning the players, that’s why he tells us what he wants from everyone.”

World Cup as a turning point. “I don’t know. For me the World Cup is very important and that’s how I’m going to face it. It wouldn’t be because the contract is up (at Real Madrid) but because I play this tournament with great enthusiasm because of everything I’ve been through and because of how special this group is. Over the years I have matured in everything, both personally and professionally. You notice that while playing, I hope to continue on this path to reach my highest level”.

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