Camavinga: “I’ve been playing Zidane’s roulette since I was a kid”

Eduardo Camavinga, just turned 20 (November 10), has his first World Cup date. It was one of Deschamps’ doubts, but he was elated about the World Cup when the coach of Blues He shared his list. The madridista hatched at the end of last season, thanks to his exuberant and cheerful football. Ancelotti chose Cama to come back against PSG, Chelsea and City. This season he has failed to fully establish himself, but he has already played 730 minutes and participated in 20 games out of 21 (he was left on the bench in the last Champions League game against Celtic). His debut in Qatar will have to wait, but enjoyed the French comeback against Australia (4-1). Although the price should be. A dream, as it is to play for Real Madridwhat footballers love Benzema or Modric have been key in his adaptation, as he explains in an extensive interview in The Parisianwhere he also expressed his admiration for the Zidane roulettewhich he regularly puts into practice.

Importance of Benzema: “Her career is a model to follow. He started at Lyon and today he is the captain of Real Madrid, he has just received the Ballon d’Or and won numerous titles, including five Champions Leagues! He is someone very important in my life in Madrid and in the French team, he made me feel very comfortable, I have a very good relationship with him”.

Modric’s advice: “On my birthday he tried to congratulate me in French. It wasn’t, but I liked the idea (laughs). He told me he could be my father because seventeen years separate us. You learn a lot from great players like him, it’s important to have special respect for his career. He tells me to play simple, to control myself and, if I get the chance, to move forward with the ball. It helps me stay calm. Every day I try to show him that I am a good player.”

Didier Deschamps: “What comes to mind is world champion. He has played for big clubs, but he is also a great coach. It is an achievement to win the World Cup as a player and then as a coach. His advice carries even more weight because we play in the same position, he often corrects me on my body orientation, because I have the small mistake of often turning my back on the game. It’s a dream to be coached by someone who has won so many titles, just as inspiring as it is to have Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid.”

Zidane roulette: “Roulette is something I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I used to do it a lot in the schoolyard, so one day the supervisor told my mother that I played football well. That’s all I did, roulette, I learned it from Zidane. I wasn’t even born when he won the World Cup. My father had tapes from the 98 World Cup, I saw all the summaries, he was sick. I also watched a lot of Ronaldinho on YouTube, and even Pogba. Since I was very young I have been able to turn the wheel in both directions, with my right foot and my left. I usually use the sole a lot, it’s easier for me”.

His family: “That is the fundamental element. The name I bear is his. It means everything to me, I need to be around my family to feel good about my life and keep both feet on the ground. My parents taught me respect and always pushed me to enjoy life. When there are bad moments, I turn to them. Today we live together in Madrid, it’s like when I was a kid, but with more freedom because I’m growing up (laughs). My father fought for a long time to nationalize us, he even cried. The fact that it was me, thanks to football, who was able to speed things up and help them get rid of this weight is a great thing for me.”

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