Cavani: ‘Playing in Mestalla against Athletic will be a plus’

The striker of Valencia Edinson Cavani, positively appreciated the draw for next Thursday’s Copa del Rey game against Athletic, especially due to the fact that they play the game in Mestalla, in front of their fans. “Playing with our people has a plus. It is very good that there is a connection with the fans, which leads us to take that small step to win difficult and complicated matches. Let’s hope so and have a nice atmosphere. I know you live in Valencia and enjoy this cup very much”, the Uruguayan striker assured on VCF Radio.

Cavani, who scored two of the goals that qualified Valencia against Sporting (0-4), assures that “it will be a very nice draw and reaching the ultimate goal that is what we desire most and the people here in Valencia want it”. The Matador assured that he “really wants to play” that draw against Athletic, although next Monday’s game against Almería, in the League, will be in first place: “We must face the duel against Almería with the greatest concentration that it is also an important goal to reach the last part of the season in good positions in search of European competitions”.


Also, Cavani spoke on the following topics:

Shutdown: “It will be a very nice draw and especially to be able to play at Camp de Mestalla. All clubs always want to play with their people and that’s what happened. We have to prepare well to give the best of ourselves, play a good game, a great game and get through it and be in the next phase.”

Atmosphere in Mestalla: “Playing with our people has a plus. It’s very good that there is that connection with the fans, that there is a close bond, that we all pull on the same side, which leads us to take that extra step, that extra that it takes to win hard and complicated . spell. Let’s hope so and have a nice atmosphere. I know you live in Valencia and enjoy this cup a lot, so I hope we hope it will be such an environment to fight for the goal, which is to take the next step in the cup.”

rival: “There are several teams that do things very well, then it’s always football and anything can happen on a pitch, and sometimes the one who does things best doesn’t win, but the one who is more efficient. We knew whoever played would be difficult in these instances of a competition like this and that if you don’t get things right and aren’t precise in defining you could be left out. We have to keep working as we did, be aware that we have important things ahead of us and keep living it in every training session and in every game. It’s what you feel and the way I think you should face every game.”

Shield/team flag

Cup won: “How can there be no desire for the cup! No one has more desire than we do, and I don’t know if anyone has more desire than me to achieve something in this club. It will be an important definition and I am sure we will give everything so that you can have a great moment and reach the ultimate goal, what the people here in Valencia most want and desire”.

Monday against Almeria: “It is very important to win in LaLiga. What this kind of competition like the cup has is that it puts you in matches in the middle of a complicated and competitive competition, difficult and also you have to face it in the best way and with the greatest concentration, which is also an important aim to reach the end of the season in good positions looking for European competitions. I think this is a team and a club that deserves it and has to fight for important things. We hope to take that step on Monday that we want and continue to add, that we need to add, because this team deserves to be a little higher.”

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