Celta succeeds and fails: Cervi’s only failure was fatal

Marchesin: Another game with the box of meritorious saves at zero. As usually happens, he can’t be blamed in goal either, as Dani Rodríguez fine-tuned his shot. Safe in the air game.

Hugo Mallo: Unnoticed. He barely made an appearance in attack and Mallorca failed to deepen his wing, leading Javier Aguirre to withdraw Amath at half-time. The light blue captain went to the bench in Carvalhal’s triple substitution in the first substitution period.

mingueza: More all-rounder than defense. He was repeatedly placed as a midfielder or even a hook in his team’s positional attacks. He always offered an interesting solution with the ball, except in a few long drives. The ball passes between his legs in Maffeo’s throw that sends Dani Rodríguez to the back of the goal.

Aidoo: The terrifying Muriqi only escaped him once, in a dry dribble from the vermilion striker. The Ghanaian drew an impressive defensive play in the first part by cutting off a counter in which Amath was on a motorcycle. Desperately playing the ball into the last piece without precision. He saw a yellow card for losing his temper with Jaume Costa.

Unai Nunez: No boasting. He complied in defense and risked the least with the leather. He has not only appeared in the offensive passing game.

Deer: Fatal failure. He lost the duel with Maffeo in the game that unbalanced the game and the lack of power in that move ruined a more than interesting performance as a left winger. He scored a goal that was disallowed for an earlier offense by Larsen.


beltran: Impeccable in the physical aspect and distributing steps horizontally. The incredible effort he puts in in the final minutes to prevent a ball from going to a throw-in sums up his game. His only shot went into the clouds.

Luke de la Torre: He has shown that he can be a starter. On his first appearance in a starting eleven in the League, he gave criteria and the quality of his driving. He lacks any consistency.

Gabriel Veiga: A reflection of what Celta was. He did almost everything right, but he didn’t have a hit. He rounded on target twice, once without the necessary power and the other time his shot was too focused. He generated danger with his physical strength and ability to associate. This time Carvalhal kept him on the field from start to finish.

Iago Aspas: Earthy. He found no magic in the last pass or in his two most dangerous shots on target. He untied Baba, caused the local midfielder to be booked and forced Aguirre to replace him at half-time.

Larsen: No price. He defined with all the intention in the world in his only shot, but the ball went just wide. He added in most facets of the game, including defending set pieces.

Oscar Rodriguez (entered via De la Torre): He made his mark with a long shot, a house brand missile that the local goalkeeper managed to read. He couldn’t get between the lines against such a solid defensive opponent. He provoked luck by kicking Grenier while the game was at a standstill and the referee, luckily for the Talaverano, cleared it up with a yellow card.

Charles Perez (entered by Mallo): Irruption out of balance. On his first intervention, he left between two rivals and Nastasic was about to give him a penalty. Subsequently, a cross from the Catalan winger forced the Balearic goalkeeper to react. Mallorca did not allow him anything else.

Patience (entered by Larsen): Unimportant. He had no choice in the area.

Javi Galan (entered for Cervi): First substitution of the season. He quickly made contact with the game when he came on the field and put in a good cross after running over due to speed.

Tapia (entered by Mingueza): Carvalhal put him on the horn to deal with the ball coming from behind, a mission he couldn’t accomplish because everything was interrupted in the last minutes.

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