Dani Alves, detained in Barcelona: judge orders prison without bail for assault

The judge of Barcelona court number 15 decided this Friday afternoon to accept the request of the Barcelona public prosecutor’s office and after taking a statement from the former Barça player, Daniel Alves (aged 39), to order his immediate admission to prison without bail for an alleged offense of sexual assault. After making a report in the morning at the police station of Les Corts de los Mossos d’Esquadra, Alves was transferred to the cells of the Ciutat de la Justicia to make a statement before the judge and from there he left in police units for Can Brians 1 prison where he will continue to await his trial.


Departure from Dani Alves Courts.Gorka cave©Gorka Cave

According to the latest amendment to the Penal Code, the sentence for assault the player would receive would be one to four years or four to twelve years depending on the circumstances.

The allegations against the footballer date from the night of December 30 in a well-known nightclub in Barcelona. According to the complainant, a 23-year-old girl, Alves invited her and a friend to share a table in the VIP area of ​​the property. After a while, the Brazilian asked the girl to go with him to get something and took her to a private room with a sink, where, according to the complainant’s statement, he beat and raped her.. The girl immediately reported the matter to the room’s security guards, who accompanied her at all times, called an ambulance and the police, and filed a report the same night.

The complaint was allowed for processing and Alves defended himself against the media, stating to Antena 3: “I was there, on that site, with more people enjoying themselves. Without invading the space of others. I don’t know who that lady is. I would deny everything. This hurts my people, mine. They know who I am.”. The nightclub’s security cameras, as reported by El Periódico, show that Alves was in the company of the assaulted woman that night.

The same newspaper published that according to the medical report of the Hospital Clínic, where an investigation was carried out in search of biological remains, “some injuries compatible with the battle” were confirmed.

It is also revealed that the player made several contradictions during his statement by changing the version he made in Antena 3 to acknowledge that there was intercourse, but they agreed to it. The judge also reviewed the videos obtained by the local security cameras, which show the player going in and out of the bathroom in the VIP area, where Catalan police found traces of semen.

After the complaint was processed, Alves traveled to Mexico where he plays for the Pumas UNAM. After receiving the court summons, he suspended his activities in Mexico and returned to Barcelona to testify.

According to judicial sources, playing in Mexico and having Brazilian nationality, a country with which Spain has no extradition agreement, has increased the alleged risk of flight, a circumstance that may have had a decisive influence on the judge’s decision to extend the prison sentence. command. without bail

Alves’ arrest caused a huge stir in the Ciutat de la Justícia, but the police evaded the media. The player was isolated in an individual cell during his time in the dungeons.

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