From musician to MMA fighter, Weber Almeida steps into the Bellator ring this weekend

Before in music and now in martial arts. At 34 years old, Weber Almeida is at the peak of his fighting career and is looking for even higher flights. ON Bellator MMA athlete enters the Octagon this Saturday, against the American Ryan Lilley, in Long Beach, California, at 20:00 (Brasilia time).

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Weber is looking to establish himself among the best Bellator names on the planet. But for an athlete, traveling the world is nothing new. As a young man he traveled to four continents and almost traded gloves for flutes.

– When I was 11 years old, I asked my father for a remote control car and got a keyboard instead, I didn’t even know where to start learning, but I didn’t want to disappoint him. I joined the ‘Magic Flute’ project, hoping to learn music and be able to use the gift I was given. I fell in love and didn’t want to let go, I practiced 10 to 12 hours a day, I started teaching music initiation at school and that won my heart – said the fighter.

For many years, the athlete tried to reconcile sports with music. However, the big difficulty was consolidating a stable financial life. At the age of 27, he decided to give up playing the flute to devote himself to mats and rings, but with many obstacles.

– I always knew that this was my destiny, but at that moment I decided that there was no turning back. I was laughing at my own cell phone so I could afford a trip to China. I was almost deported because of the visa bureaucracy – he declared.

– I could only stay there for a month because I could not get an extension of my stay. After that I went to look for an opportunity in London which also didn’t work out. I returned to Brazil with 50 reais in my pocket – said Weber.

When he returned to the country, he did not want to return to Cuiaba and stayed in São Paulo sleeping on the mats of the gym where he trained.

To eat, he would go to a government-subsidized restaurant, where a meal cost R$0.50. However, he only ate one meal a day, because the restaurant was 7 km away from his house.

Then came an opportunity that changed his personal and professional life. With more fights outside the ring to earn money, Weber moved to Rio de Janeiro and met great fighters and trainers, such as Lyoto Machida and Vítor Belford.

– I had no money to travel. I bought a few boxes
portable stereos and sold them all within an hour. I bought more and at the end of the day I already had what I needed – he said.

Today, Weber lives in Los Angeles and is a Bellator athlete. in six fights
contested in the organization, he has five wins – all by knockout and one loss on points. The final objective goes directly through the result of this week’s clash.

– I want a belt. My results have accredited me for more events and I know I am getting closer to the top 10 in my category. I trained hard and the next opponent is an experienced guy, tough, but I believe in myself a lot. This victory is the most important and I’m going after it with all my might – Weber Almeida finished.

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