Idiakez: “This team has spirit to the end, we are connected”

It was a game of many games in one…

Satisfied? Well…if you asked me in the 80’s I would have said yes. If you ask me in the 90s, I say no. The result tells us what the game has been. We expected an even game. Mirandes is at a good time. He raises these matches for you. He’s coming to take the ball from you. He has gone to press us high. There have been two different parts… or three. We’re off to a good start. And the goal made us feel terrible. We’ve started to save some… and we’ve been thinking through the rest of the first part.

Roberto del Mirandés’ draw did justice to the first half. We didn’t get out of our field without missing great opportunities. We were very far from the pressure area. Then it’s true that we didn’t start badly in the second leg. We’ve taken a step forward. The goal hurt us… but little. The end of the game, since his goal, is ours.

A good football match. The penalty of not being able to win at home, but we still haven’t lost. The other day we were left with the little thing that we didn’t win at Villarreal. Another draw today. The team is in the game and although sometimes we can’t do what we want, dominate, the team also reacts quickly and I like that too.

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The team has a few comebacks. Is it the fighting spirit you’ve been looking for?

Yes, yes… when we came here on Albacete’s day we were a weak team. with little spirit It fell with the blows. Listen today… in a game where we suffered, no one left the game. We played a good game. With the difficulty of the field, it’s still not good if a team locks you up. And yet we are done with Mirandés asking for the time. And with the feeling that we have come a little short of the total comeback. I prefer to see the bottle half full. The team has grit to the end.

How’s the grass?

They are trying to find a solution. Resources are deployed to control it. I think we’ll suffer a few more games because at this point in the winter it’s hard for grass to grow without being an engineer. It harms us on a physical level. Well… we still have four days until Andorra.

I don’t have to tell you what to run in Andorra. They give all the teams a crazy review, they have them behind the ball all game long. We have to prepare ourselves physically for Saturday. Apart from José, who has some discomforts, everything else is fine. Physical things are then seen two to three days later.

Sergio González contests a ball in the presence of Rubén Pardo.


Sergio González contests a ball in the presence of Rubén Pardo. Juan AguadoDIARY AS

Pardo and Juan Muñoz will not be in Andorra. At least Gaku is back…

We knew there were forewarned players. We lose two. They were both on time. Unfortunately. I don’t think Gaku won’t come to Andorra. We know the entire organization. Let’s see… it’s true that it’s a bit rushed. I don’t know if it will reach us. Sanctions are part of the season. We have to take that into account.

Has Iker Undabarrena’s loss been noticed?

We talked about the squad we have and that we have to give the players oxygen. In general, we have not found our game for a while, half an hour. We found Cissé as a central midfielder… and he played a spectacular half hour. A Cissé is so tasty, it doesn’t matter where you put it. We have peace of mind.

How did you see Neyou?

Yvan… it’s always hard to start after such a long time. These things are complicated. It was the part of the game where we spent the longest time behind the ball. What we said… the mind is the most important thing. Albacete’s day we were in a dejected mood… and decadent. Now it’s something different. Also the people… Mirandés has felt what Butarque is. It is very important that this energy that helps us a lot is transferred among all of us.

Are you looking forward to the break?

The championship subjects us to this schedule that you sometimes say… I don’t even know who I’m playing against. We’re fine. You cannot choose when to stop. Now I wouldn’t want to stop. There’s a good dynamic, the guys are hooked up, they’re looking forward to Saturday… It will be good for us to rest, but if I had to choose, I wouldn’t stop now.

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