Las Palmas lets Carlos Tartiere live

Las Palmas scratched a key point in their visit to Tartiere in a game where Oviedo was always more comfortable on the pitch. The blues deserved more against the leader, but the crossbar spat out Bastón’s attempt in the clearest opportunity for those from Cervera, who seemed to direct the clash at all times to what interested his team.

Oviedo, far from the most conservative version of previous appointments, came out this time to bite the rival’s field. Las Palmas seemed surprised by the proposal of those from Cervera, who began to create opportunities with every robbery committed near the Canary Islands. Despite a dangerous cross from Óscar and a left foot shot away from Pejiño serving as presentations for García Pimienta’s men, the chances began to pile up on the blue side.

Rama tried with the left after a theft on the right, but his shot came out weak and without a fight. Costas headed in a corner to confirm that Oviedo is, well, starting to be a formidable team in the Blackboard games. Before the break, a good, electric combination between Costas, Bretones and Flores followed with a cross from the Mexican that just missed Bastón in the penalty area.

It’s not that there were any big chances in the first half or that the goalkeepers were showing off, but there was still the feeling that they were playing by Oviedo’s rules. Anyone expecting a blue reserve team waiting on their field will have been surprised by the brave bet to bite Las Palmas at the start of the game. The canaries, uneasy, didn’t quite see the humor in it. The doubt was in the intermission to see if the Carbayona energy had continuity for the 90 minutes of the rendezvous or if the canaries would start finding ways to invade the enemy camp.

García Pimienta didn’t like it, who introduced Sidnei and Marvin at halftime. Las Palmas immediately seemed to get better, which he tried through Óscar, more released from then on, and Marvin. But Oviedo insisted on his escape plan. After 54 minutes the goal was close. Enrich concentrated on a lightning attack and Bastón smashed the ball against Domínguez’s crossbar with an aesthetic volley.

The red to Loiodice

As the minutes went by, Las Palmas took possession of the ball longer, though Oviedo didn’t seem uneasy, as they continued to fend off any steal. The game leaned towards Domínguez’s goal when Loiodice saw the red ten minutes before the end, on a mistimed entry. Oviedo insisted and Domínguez had to approve Jimmy’s attempt. The last one, however, was yellow: Andone’s right hand at the post.


Marvin (45′, Pejino), Sydney (45′, Eric Curbelo), Vitolo (63′, Alberto Moleiro), Borja Sanchez (66′, M. Flores), F. Andone (77′, M. Cardona), Fabio Gonzalez (79′, Oscar Clemente), viti rozada (83′, Hugo Rama), S. Screwdriver (88′, Sergi Enrich)


Referee: Saul Ais Reig
VAR Referee: Gorka Sagues Oscoz, Luis Mario Milla Alvendiz
Borja Reed (3′,Yellow) pejino (40′,Yellow) Hugo Rama (63′,Yellow) Enzo Loiodice (65′,Yellow) Enzo Loiodice (77′, Roja)

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