Luis Enrique: “I don’t want to relax against Germany because they can beat us”

Analysis. “When it goes like this, football becomes a wonderful sport. We’ve been exceptional in handling the ball and finishing, with the same philosophy that the national team has had for years. We were exceptional in pressure and the 17 who took part were very good”.

Rodri, central. “We understand that Rodri meets all the conditions a central defender can have. It is very complete and very versatile. It’s very good for us to have so many good players.”

Eleven against Germany. “I don’t know who will be playing, but they certainly won’t repeat the line-up. We don’t play seven games with eleven. I’m sure I’ll change.”

Euphoria. Anything that radiates positive energy is fine, but tomorrow we will start training in preparation for the game against Germany. Praise weakens, but those who understand football know that we are a tough rival.”

Bucket: “You have to take care of Jordi Alba, who, like Busi, came out with an ovation. We didn’t talk to Balde much, but you can tell it’s an airplane. We thought it was the best time for him to make his debut.”

Asensio Performance: “Asensio is spectacular, he is at full level, today he was fantastic in the continuity of the game and in the shot. He is a top player and I am very happy that he is like this.”

Luis Enrique then analyzed Spain’s World Cup debut in Qatar in the press room.

How do you feel after this historic victory?

It was a very special race for us, because we wanted to start as good as possible. It all came out. Spain usually doesn’t start with a win and today we broke that streak. Costa Rica knows how to compete, but we have been superior in all aspects of the game.

How important have the sides been?

Jordi Alba is the best left back with the best last pass and has contributed to all the goals. It was spectacular. We gave him some rest so that Balde could make his debut without pressure on the score.

What conclusions does the party draw?

I don’t draw conclusions from winning a game. The result was important because everything still has to be decided in the group. My job is to get the classification.

The best thing was the way the goal was distributed?

Spain, since we’ve been here, is one of the teams that scores the most goals. We may not have a reference, but we reach the goal in an associative way. It is a result that makes us all stronger. But now Germany comes and it will be difficult. Flattery weakens.

What did you like the most then?

I loved the total control over the game. Our midfielders were the boss. The quality of the players has been decisive in the rival area, but the defensive attitude has been great.

Are you afraid that the team will relax after this victory?

The head is important. We seemed like Martians because we had a psychologist, but we saw that the team is ready. But this team is not going to relax and will play against Germany without speculating. They can beat us because they are a force. But we will look for victory and we will not change our way of playing.

Why did Ferran take the penalty and not Busquets or Dani Olmo?

I determine the penalty shooter. In this game the specialist was Ferran and he shot wonderfully well.

What did you think of Japan’s win?

Japan’s victory over Germany was a surprise, but these results can be seen in this World Cup because almost all countries have a dynamic, good and intense game. And Japan has shown it.

What do you expect from Sunday’s game against Germany?

Spain makes me feel good because it has intensity, strength and motivation. I have no doubt that we will fight against Germany with the same intensity or more. Praise weakens, but this group will not relax. There will be changes to the lineup. It is a group of players willing to do important things.

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