Málaga clings to the burning spike against rocky Burgos


The Burgos He noticed three turning points in the hectic life of Malaga. The first was the 11-27-2021. The Blue and Whites were seventh in the standings having just taken back-to-back victories over Las Palmas and Tenerife. Y they fell in El Plantio for sonic 3-0. That’s where his downfall began and José Alberto was finally fired. Quite a challenge for Pepe Mel, who admits that, in case of loss and know what football is like, I would understand a stoppage (Follow the match live on AS.com).

The second message was on 27-05-2022. Day 41. 0-1. The Malaga of saved from degradation because Amorebieta and Sanse didn’t know how to take advantage of the gift. The The star of Pablo Guede started to reject. The Spanish-Argentine coach had a complete fall on the first day of this campaign. Artola’s goal put the project built by good and sports director Manolo Gaspar didn’t care to take off. On the contrary.

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That’s how things are. The Malaga is the five rescue points. Anything that doesn’t add up the three points takes you away from the burning nail and puts you in the picata a Pepe Mel who acknowledged that in case of losing this new final “he would understand a dismissal”.

The technician Madrid will continue shame can count on Escassi, Genaro and Ramon. Loose first two they have served a sentence, but they are injured. It’s possible that Mel will give it wings tyres embedding from start to finish Lago Junior and Appiah that left some good flashes last week eibar. Another possible adjustment could be Delmás’ entry on the right, Ramalho to centre-back and Juande to the bench.

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Add outside the plantation

Burgos want to change the trend of the last two games far from El Plantio in which it has lost with the minimum against Granada and Alavés. At your location brokealso a negative tendency on the last day on which he Andorra to consolidate in fourth position in the standings. Although that was far from the goal at the start of the season, Julián Calero’s team is not giving up anything at this stage of the season. For this occasion, the Madrid coach restores two basic pieces in the middle of the field as they are Atienza and Mumo, but he still can’t count on his top scorer, Gaspar Campos.

Calero gives instructions to his players during the match against Granada.


Calero gives instructions to his players during the match against Granada. PARKERDiarioAS

No major innovations are expected in the line-up, besides the Forbidden of the two midfielders and possibly some variation in the wings from the last alignment. It is also possible that the team will return from Burgos a system of three centersalthough it has not been used for a long time, but the return of Atienza j Crumbs offer more variants to the coach who was very subject to casualties in recent days.

The black and white team’s goal is to capitalize on the need for Pepe Mel’s team, mature the game, as usual, and hope to land a punch in a counterattack.

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Málaga: Reuben Castro. He has a bet with Pepe Mel that he will score 15 goals. At the moment there are five more.

Expensive Burgos: He is having a great season with the team from Burgos, the most outstanding of the past few days.

The details of the party

The damn mistakes. Málaga is so tuned in to everything that it loses in details. The stupid mistakes of Yáñez, Jozabed and Juande cost two goals and another defeat.

no reinforcements: Burgos has not yet been able to add reinforcements to the meager selection during the winter transfer period

Factor N’Diaye. The Senegalese hopes this will put an end to his curse. Málaga have not won in the 15 games they have participated in. You need to eliminate the excess weight because the team needs you.

Losing streak: The Burgos team has lost its last two games away from home in its worst run of the season

Ups and downs

Malaga. . . . Escassi, Genaro and Ramon are injured. Dani Lorenzo has given in to Merida and Lumor… as if it didn’t exist.

Burgos. Absence of Gaspar Campos. Get Mumo and Atienza back.

statistical angle

Málaga has not had two consecutive victories since November 2021.

The last time the blue and white came back from an opposition at home was on 11-4-2021 (2-1 against Sanse). Outside of La Rosaleda, they have not played a game since 8/18/2018.


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