Passing and failing in Brazil: Richarlison dresses like a hero and Neymar is worried

The Brazilian team debuted at the World Cup in Qatar with a comfortable 2-0 win against Serbia, although it took them well into the second half to get victory on track. Richarlison doubled to lead the canarinha, while Neymar withdrew injured due to a very hard tackle on his right ankle that forced him to request the substitution.

Alisson: a spectator in the first half. He had no significant intervention in the entire game. He came out very well on a side cross in the first half and could perhaps have done more, in the second, in a corner where he went too far.

danilo: The Juventus player is more comfortable in a midfield role, but he is not an attacking threat in Tite’s system. Serbia held him back for a long time and didn’t let him get the upper hand with Raphinha on the wing. He had almost no work on defense.

Thiago Silva: imperial when the ball was released, to the point that Vinicius caused a one-on-one with an extraordinary vertical pass in the first half. He had problems in a lateral center that Mitrovic almost finished off, but he had an excellent game overall. He is, besides the captain, without any discussion the general of this team.

Marquinhos: He hardly had any work during the entire game, not even with Vlahovic’s substitution. Mitrovic hardly worried him and was Thiago Silva’s bodyguard, leading the charge when it came to getting the ball out.

Alex Sandro: Like Danilo, he hardly ever joins the attack when Brazil has the ball. When his Juventus team-mate is a midfielder, he closes in as third centre-back to try and get rid of Vinicius. In the second half, he nearly opened the scoring with a good shot at medium range, but it hit the post.

casemiro: his first half was correct, but not brilliant either. He tried with a shot from the front that was disallowed and struggled to find Neymar. In the second, he almost scored a beautiful goal in the 82nd minute, but a shot from the front hit the crossbar.

package: It took him longer than usual to settle into the double pivot. He didn’t know in the first half whether to get close to Casemiro to lend a hand when the ball was released or, on the contrary, join the rival field in an upcoming role, as on the occasion when Raphinha dropped his pass missed. Fred came into his place in the second half.

Raphinha: he missed a blatant chance in the 40th minute after a clever pass from Paquetá. In the first half he succumbed to the great Serbian work, which gave him two players, his name and a midfielder, so that he did not have time to run and flood. He was substituted by Martinelli late in the second half.

Neymar: signed probably his worst 45 minutes of the season. He was very close to scoring an Olympic goal in the 9th minute, but Milinkovic-Savic, attentively, avoided it. He had 15 moves, failed to complete a dribble and the Serbian defensive cage drove him crazy. His second half was much better. At the 1-0 he left two rivals behind and let Vinicius finish at ease. He was eventually replaced by Antony and was seen crying on the couch with an ice pack on his right ankle.

Vinicius Jr.: You don’t need your best version to keep making a difference. It had a difficult first half, marked by the spectacular work of Serbia off the ball, who always placed two players in such a way that he could not run. In the second half he was present for both goals. He forced Milinkovic-Savic at 1-0 to leave the dead ball up front and in the second he assisted Richarlison with a subtle outside.

Richarlison: Many continue to question why he is a starter in a squad of such quality, but the data continues to prove him right. After a somewhat hesitant first half, the Tottenham striker scored a double out of sheer opportunism. He scored the first using a rebound from a shot from Vinicius and uplifted the 80,000 spectators at Lusail Stadium with a lavish pair of scissors. There are already 19 goals he has scored with the canarinha shirt, which proves that he is not playing because he is Tite’s favourite.

Rodrygo: Coming in ahead of his teammate Vinicius, he had two chances, one that Milinkovic-Savic stretched spectacularly from close range and another in which he tried a lot to adjust the long post, but his shot went wide.

Fred: Fred started betting on the World Cup and stayed on the bench in favor of Paquetá. He came in right through the middle of West Ham to put more packing into the Brazilian midfield with a favorable result in the closing stages. He almost scored a good goal in the front, but Milinkovic-Savic made a good save.

Gabriel Jesus: came on for Richarlison, he was very active during his playing time, but he didn’t find the target. It will be very difficult to establish himself as a starter after the Tottenham striker’s two goals.

Anthony: Forced to make a substitution due to Neymar’s injury, he tried several times, but not many balls reached him.

Martinelli: He played three minutes plus extra time. Unrated.

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