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In the exuberant night of a Portugal that returns to the quarter-finals of a World Cup and through the front door 16 years later, after making a set against Switzerland, that unrepeatable star named Cristiano Ronaldo may have experienced the definitive turning point in his role with the Portuguese team. Days later, his club career also took a vital turn when he said goodbye Manchester United and possibly top-flight football. Fernando Santos left Cristiano on the bench and he did it for the first time, at least admittedly without rest or physical problems. And the Herois do Mar responded with a clear, great victory, putting them like lightning in one of the favorite teams to win in Qatar.

Santos was not hiding: noor he liked that Cristiano made his substitution against South Korea ugly and he reacted sharply, maybe because in polls like the one in the newspaper A Bola, the Portuguese fans urged him to give crack a break. To make matters worse, the CR7 substitute filled the coach with reasons. Down to the bars Gonçalo Ramos, a young Benfica striker just 21 years old who had played just 10 minutes in the tournament, rresponded to demands to alleviate the myth with a hat-trick from Matadoridentical to the many with which Funchal has delighted us.

Used in other games to play tran-tran, waiting for the rival and making him embittered little by little With the sound of fado, Portugal played rock and roll without Cristiano this time. At 1-0 (17′), Gonçalo controlled the box, turned skillfully and shot into the net before veteran Yann Sommer could do nothing. This game of the first goal was handed out by the colchonero Joao Félix that one, very playful on the whole attack frontIt seemed as if it had been released from its bonds. As a free agent, at the last pass and at the set pieces, Bruno Fernandes showed himself. The fantastic red devil served a fine corner kick after half an hour to head it in in an unattractive way (2-0, 33′) to reach a specialist for whom the years do not pass, none other than Pepe.

The Luso-Brazilian centre-back is two years older than Cristiano, 39, but in this World Cup He has followed a path of reverse rejuvenation to his former teammate at Real Madrid. He started as a substitute, as a resource, but Danilo’s injury opened the door to ownership and he has taken advantage of that.

As soon as minimalist Switzerland awoke from the nightmare, full of footballers with years and who it costs too much if they take it out of the script. Shaquiri came close to scoring from a free kick and Diogo Costa, one of the tournament’s goalkeepers, cleared up some more noise in his area before the start of the second half. Gonçalo Ramos completed his hat-trick. There were several brackets for another Portuguese goal from Borusser Raphael Guerreiro and for a testimonial goal, one of those that honored pBut let’s see what honor is left of the Helvetic Akanji. Also for Leao, another footballer who called to make Cristiano forget, to complete his team’s set.

There was even time to see Ronaldo in his new role, that of substitute. Faced with circumstances, looking into infinity, Cristiano jumped onto the field and scored another goal, but he was clearly offside. A position that at the moment, although we have to wait for his genius for the quarter-finals and almost until when he wants, seems most appropriate to describe the situation of the Portuguese star.


E. Generous (45′, F. Schär), D Zakaria (53′, R. Freuler), H. Seferovic (53′, D. Sowing), N.Okafor (65′, Ruben Vargas), C.Ronaldo (72′, Joao Felix), R. Horta (73′, G. Ramos), vitinha (73′, Otavio), Ruben Neves (80′, Bernardo Silva), Rafael Leo (86′, Bruno Fernandes), A. Jashari (88′, B. Penis)


1-0, 16′: Goncalo Ramos2-0, 32′: Pepe3-0, 50′: Goncalo Ramos4-0, 54′: Rafael Guerreiro4-1, 57′: Manuel Akanji5-1, 66′: Goncalo Ramos6-1, 91′: Raphael Leo


Referee: Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos
VAR Referee: Drew Fischer, Massimiliano Irrati
crowd (42′,Yellow) Eray Comert (58′,Yellow)

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