The rojiblanca family mourns the loss of Lázaro Albarracín

The flag in the Metropolitan has been flying at half-mast since this Wednesday morning. The rojiblanca family feels a deep and deep hole in his chest: the one who leaves the loss of its vice president since 1988, Lázaro Albarracín, at the age of 93, a much respected and beloved man, whose death the whole club mourns. From his fans and his supporters clubs, with whom he has always been very close, to his managers, including current and former players.

He was a great person, a great friend, but most of all he was a great athlete.. During all the years he was at Atlético de Madrid, he defended the values ​​of our club in all the places where he represented it, admired by the rojiblancos and respected by all rival clubs,” Enrique Cerezo lamented in statements to the club’s page, “visibly compromised,” was specified.”I am very sorry and I want to send my deepest condolences to all his family and friends.. A good friend has left us,” the president added. Miguel Ángel Gil Marín was also “very touched” when he remembered what Lázaro Albarracín was to Atleti: a man dedicated to colors and to a club. “Someone who has represented Atlético de Madrid’s values ​​like no other has left us. Lázaro was love and passion for Atleti and his family,” said the CEO.


“100% of the players loved him”

An affection and a memory that was also appreciated by Roberto Solozábal, president of the association ‘Leyendas Atlético de Madrid’. “He was a person who was loved by 100% of the players. He always accompanied the team, he always accompanied the players and had gestures of affection and words of encouragement regardless of the result. We will always appreciate it,” he told the club. In his line the rojiblanco captain Koke, who mourned his loss with pain from Qatar. “Personally, I am very sad about Lázaro’s death, I appreciated him very much. He was an unrepeatable athlete, he loved our club like no other and faithfully represented the values,” he said. “He devoted his whole life to our beloved Atleti and always showed himself as a kind person and very close to the players. On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to express our condolences to his family and friends. A little piece of rojiblanca history is missing. Rest in peace,” he continued.

“Aleti was his life.” This is how Adelardo also summed up the official Atlético page about what it was like, what it meant for the club, Lázaro Albarracín: “It is a loss that we all feel. He was always attached to the team and I have not met a more athletic person than him”. Fernando Torres, meanwhile, used social networks to offer him his last goodbye. “A good man has left us. Lázaro Albarracín has passed away, so many years that he accompanied his Atleti around the world. We lose an exceptional person who will occupy a privileged place in our third amphitheatre. Rest in peace dear Lázaro,” he wrote on Twitter. The same social network that La Unión de Peñas used to remind him. “Today is a very sad day, Don Lázaro Albarracín has left us, staunch defender of Atleti’s values ​​and a great promoter of the Rojiblancas supporters’ clubs”. Rest in peace.

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